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After getting pulled over, people can feel pressured by law enforcement - especially when it comes to allowing a search and seizure of their vehicle. Without a lawyer present, it may be difficult to fully understand what your rights are. Don't let the threat of a police officer intimidate you, you have the right to request a lawyer immediately.

The Sarasota, Florida, law office of MSPerryLaw, defends people facing criminal drug charges in Sarasota and Manatee counties. We are very experienced in illegal search and seizure and always provide honest and straightforward answers for our clients. As a former prosecutor and a former police officer, attorneys Michael Perry and Dana Moss have a full understanding of how to prepare the best strategy for your defense.

Don't Waste Any Time - Request a Lawyer Immediately

Officers are allowed to ask questions after conducting a traffic stop. If you are not considered to be in custody at the time, your responses will be used against you. If you are considered in custody and Miranda warnings are not given, your statements will not be admissible in court.

At our firm, after reviewing what statements may or may not be admissible, we will assess the remaining evidence to determine probability of a successful prosecution for a drug possession or drug DUI charge.

When you work with our firm, we fully scrutinize all the evidence surrounding the legality of the traffic stop. If the court agrees that the traffic stop was unlawful, then your case will likely be dismissed. Even if the traffic stop is determined to be lawful, we will evaluate the remaining evidence to determine any other possible challenges.

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