Sarasota Prescription Drug Fraud Lawyer

The use of prescription medication is becoming more prominent throughout society. Many times, individuals who are faced with criminal charges involving prescription medications do not know how to navigate the legal system and need a strong defense. The consequences can be severe, so it is critical you work with a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

Our Sarasota, Florida, law firm assists clients throughout Florida by offering clients more than 20 years of combined experience that allows our team of attorneys to provide the strongest defense strategy possible.

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We defend clients who have been caught with fraudulent prescriptions, prescription drugs or have been charged with buying or selling prescription medications. Many times, someone can be stopped or arrested for another charge and prescription medications are found within a purse, someone's pocket or in his or her vehicle. Common prescription medications include:

Doctor Shopping

Obtaining prescriptions from more than one doctor at the same time can lead to doctor shopping charges. Such charges may carry severe penalties, and at our firm we will fight for either a dismissal of the charges or to minimize any penalties.

What Are the Consequences?

The consequences can range depending upon the person's criminal background. If you have no priors, you could be required to complete a diversion program (where the case is dismissed upon completion of the program) and be placed on probation. If you have priors, you could be facing prison time depending on the amount of prescription medications found as evidence. If the amount found is classified as a drug trafficking amount, then you will likely be facing prison time.

Considering the range of possible consequences, it is a smart decision to work with an attorney who understands how the criminal system works and has negotiation skills. As a former prosecutor, principal attorney Michael Perry knows how both sides work and will explore different strategies to make sure his clients are protected and suffer minimal consequences.

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