Sarasota Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Facing serious charges requires a strong defense from an attorney who really understands how the criminal legal system operates. At MSPerryLaw, we take matters seriously and use our more than 20 years of combined experience, knowledge and understanding to provide the best defense that will minimize your consequences.

We defend individuals throughout southern Florida and have experience working on both sides of the criminal system. Our Sarasota drug trafficking defense attorneys know how to work with prosecutors to get charges dismissed or criminal penalties minimized, while providing highly personal and hands-on representation for every client.

We Strive to Minimize Sentencing for Trafficking Charges

In the state of Florida, the main difference between trafficking charges and sale/purchasing charges is that traffic charges carry minimum mandatory sentencing. Such minimum mandatory sentencing ranges from three to seven to 20 years in prison. Trafficking charges can also be classified as a federal drug crime, should federal authorities decide to prosecute. Generally this occurs with more serious drug charges involving transporting drugs in various counties or states.

With every type of drug, the sentencing increases with the amount that the individual is charged with trafficking. All trafficking charges are first-degree felonies, with the most severe trafficking sentence is life in prison.

With our prosecutorial and law enforcement experience, we know the ins and outs of prosecutors and police procedures. We also understand how to attack the evidence that is presented and how to work with the prosecutor to negotiate and possibly avoid the mandatory prison sentencing.

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