Sarasota Marijuana Possession Attorney

Charges for possession of marijuana can lead to harsher sentencing if you don't work with a lawyer who understands how to negotiate and work out a deal. You deserve the strongest defense possible. Come to MSPerryLaw., a firm dedicated to defending individuals charged with drug offenses.

We defend individuals in Sarasota and Manatee counties, Florida, and throughout southern Florida who have been charged with marijuana possession or other drug offenses. With more than 20 years of combined and highly relevant experience, we have superb negotiation skills and understand how to implement a strong defense for your case. We have the experience and knowledge that can provide the best leverage for your case.

Marijuana Offenses — Minimize Your Consequences With a Motivated Defense Lawyer

You could be facing a misdemeanor or felony charge depending on the amount of marijuana in your possession. The sentencing can be very serious, but at MSPerryLaw, we work to uphold your rights and minimize your consequences.

In many instances, individuals are charged with marijuana possession after being pulled over for a citation at a traffic stop. At our firm, if you have been charged with possession of marijuana we will determine the validity of any search of your vehicle and pursue dismissal of the charges should the search be illegal.

It is highly critical you request an attorney when confronted by law enforcement and to avoid making any statements that could adversely affect a defense in your case. With our background, we know how to conduct a thorough investigation on our end and ask critical questions regarding evidence and search procedures.

Charged With Weed or Pot Possession? Contact a Bradenton Defense Lawyer.

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