Sarasota Federal Drug Crime Attorney

If you are faced with a federal drug crime charge in the southern Florida area, seeking help from a very experienced lawyer who knows how the criminal legal system works is the smartest decision you can make. Working with a law firm that provides personal, attentive and experienced service will likely achieve the best possible outcome.

At MSPerryLaw, our Sarasota federal drug crime lawyers have more than 20 combined years of highly meaningful experience and serve clients in Sarasota, Manatee and Hillsborough counties and all the surrounding areas.

Attorney Dana Moss is a former police officer, and principal attorney Michael Perry is a former prosecutor. This means we are familiar with how both sides of the system work and know how to negotiate to minimize your sentence.

Minimum Sentencing

In order to minimize charges, it is critical you work with a lawyer who understands the federal criminal system. A Bradenton mandatory sentencing attorney at our firm knows how to work with federal agencies to negotiate and possibly avoid mandatory minimum sentencing. We know the federal system very well and understand how to work effectively with different federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Federal drug crimes are subject to federal sentencing guidelines and will likely reflect a jail sentence. Those jail sentences are advisory and are not mandatory. However, other federal sentencing may require a mandatory prison sentence in your case depending upon the charges and your prior criminal history. Federal drug crimes commonly include:

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