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Homicide is the most serious type of violent crime. Whenever someone's actions result in the death of another, the stakes become sky-high. You could be facing decades — or even life — in prison. Certain murder crimes also raise the possibility of the death penalty.

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Understanding Homicide Charges

Florida homicide law is complicated. It establishes three basic types of unlawful killing:

  • Murder involves intentional killing. The act may be premeditated or the result of a "depraved mind" — that is, an extreme disregard for human life. It also includes deaths that occur during the course of certain crimes (called "felony murder"). Florida law establishes several degrees of murder, the most serious being first-degree murder.
  • Manslaughter involves unlawful killing that does not rise to the level of murder. The death may have been the result of reckless behavior. It may have been intentional, yet not premeditated — for example, as a response to provocation or in the heat of passion. There are several types of manslaughter.
  • Vehicular homicide charges involve reckless driving that leads to another person's death, whether a passenger in your vehicle, another driver or vehicle occupant, or a cyclist or pedestrian.

Our attorneys handle every type of homicide charge, including federal crimes. We draw on valuable backgrounds as former prosecutors to identify key strengths and weaknesses — including potential defenses.

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