Domestic Violence

Southwest Florida Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

Few things are more important than time with family. However, in this day and age, it seems as though there are endless obstacles that can prevent this from happening - from working too many hours to fighting with the Department of Social Services.

At the law office of MSPerryLaw, we know that a situation can get blown out of proportion and people can misinterpret or misunderstand actions. Sometimes a heated argument between parents can result in domestic violence charges and a phone call to a lawyer.

We know this can be a frightening time, but we are here to protect your rights. We have over 20 years of criminal law experience, and we are committed to using our knowledge to protect clients throughout Sarasota, Bradenton and southwest Florida who are facing charges for domestic violence or battery. Schedule your free initial consultation by contacting us online or by calling 941-365-4000.

Mitigating the Effect of Domestic Violence Charges

If you are facing domestic violence charges, the criminal justice system may be keeping you away from your family. Restraining orders or orders of protection can be put in place to prevent you from seeing your spouse or your children.

In addition, if you are convicted of assault or battery, the impact may extend beyond your family. Domestic battery charges are public record, and the community, or potential employers, may not take the time to ask for your side of the story.

We are committed to protecting our clients and mitigating the effects of assault and battery charges. Contact attorney Michael Perry online or call 941-365-4000 to schedule your free initial consultation.