Assault And Battery Defense Lawyers

Conflicts sometimes lead to chaos. The situation may quickly spiral out of control, resulting in exchanged threats or physical violence. Details about who struck the first blow — and whether your actions were in self-defense — may get lost in the confusion when the police arrive. Yet these details could make or break your case.

Assault and battery are among the most common types of violent crime. Don't let the prevalence of these charges diminish their seriousness. Even a misdemeanor conviction could permanently tarnish your reputation and job prospects.

What's The Difference Between Assault And Battery?

In Florida, assault and battery are actually two separate — but related — crimes.

  • Assault covers any type of threat, verbal or physical, to do someone harm. You don't have to actually touch anyone to get charged with assault. However, the prosecution must show that your words or actions led the victim to reasonably fear that harm was imminent.
  • Aggravated assault involves the use of a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife. It also covers assault committed during the course of a felony such as robbery.
  • Battery refers to unwanted physical contact. The typical case involves a physical fight or hitting.
  • Aggravated battery applies to physical harm that results in severe injuries or involves a deadly weapon.

What To Do After An Arrest

Whether you are facing battery or assault charges of any degree, you should reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the assault and battery defense lawyers at MSPerryLaw in Sarasota for a free and confidential consultation. We can help you sort through the confusion and uncover all potential defenses. Because two of our attorneys are former prosecutors, we know what to look for in handling these cases.

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