Sarasota Lawyer for Sex With Minor Charge

Bradenton Minor Solicitation Defense Attorney

Any sexual offense involving a minor carries significant penalties. If convicted, you could go to prison for many years and be listed on the sex offender registry for the rest of your life. Your career, your standing in the community and your family are at stake. If you are facing any type of sex crime charge alleging sexual involvement with minors, it is critical to have a knowledgeable and vigorous defense. The consequences are very high.

Former Prosecutor to Defend You

At the law offices of MSPerryLaw, our lawyers defend clients who have been charged with sex with minors. With 20 years of criminal law experience, founding attorney Michael S. Perry knows how to build a strong case that seeks to protect your rights and your future. As a former prosecutor, he can anticipate how the other side will respond to motions and react in pretrial negotiations.

Examples of Criminal Charges

These types of cases are complex. The level of charges and the severity of punishment depend on the age of the alleged victim and the age of the accused. We defend individuals charged with offenses such as:

Our Florida attorneys evaluate the evidence against you. We look for flaws in the state's case. We depose the alleged victim. We negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charges, avoid a felony conviction, and keep you out of prison and off the sexual offender registry. Our lawyers will walk you through all the possible defenses and their probable outcomes and make sure that you understand your options.

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