Sex Offender Violations

Sarasota Lawyers Defending Clients Against Registration Violations Charges

A sex crime conviction can result in registration on the sex offender registry. This is a significant penalty, one that can limit your ability to work in certain professions and live where you want. Moreover, because sex offender registration is highly public, there is no way to hide your status from the world.

Not Easy to Comply With Registration Requirements

It can be difficult to comply with the requirements of registration. If you move to a new location, you will need to report the move within a specified time period. You may be prevented from living within certain distances of schools, day care establishments and other places where children are present. It can be difficult to obtain exact measurements and determine whether the restrictions apply to you. You could have a curfew that varies according to the day of the week. If you violate these or any requirements of registration, you could be facing jail time and even a new felony conviction.

How Our Attorneys Help

At the law offices of MSPerryLaw, our attorneys defend clients accused of violating the terms of their registration requirements. We defend people against sex registry violation charges, examining the evidence against them and negotiating with the prosecutor in pursuit of a dismissal or a reduction of the charges.

We look for mitigating evidence that can help your case. For example, you might have been sick and unable to report an address change. You may have not known that your new apartment was within the limits of a school zone. You may have had a family emergency requiring you to leave the state suddenly. We then present this evidence to the court, building on our years of experience to develop a persuasive argument for you. Our goal is to keep you out of jail and help you live as normally as possible.

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