Florida Visitors Charged With DUI

Visiting Florida? Charged With Drunk Driving?

If you received a drunk driving (DUI) charge while visiting Florida, you are facing more than a ruined vacation. You could have your license suspended in your home state and experience all the penalties that a Florida driver receives. There is no advantage to being an out-of-state driver.

Helping Clients Long-Distance After a Florida DUI

However, if you were charged in southwest Florida, our law firm may be able to help. The attorneys at the law offices of MSPerryLaw , have defended many visitors to the Sunshine State who were charged with DUI during their trips. We have been able to handle their cases by telephone, e-mail and fax, making it possible to resolve their cases without requiring a return trip to Florida.

We can file motions and pleadings electronically and accept payment via credit card. We will keep you updated on the progress of your case by telephone or e-mail. In most instances, no court appearance is necessary.

Not every case can be resolved in absentia, and our lawyers can advise you about your options if you are visiting from another part of the United States. However, if you received a misdemeanor DUI charge, the chances are good that we can help while you remain at home.

We Develop a Strong DUI Defense for Local and Out-of-State Clients

We handle cases for out-of-state clients using the same strategies that we use for Florida clients: We review the traffic stop, the administration of the blood and breath tests, and other factors that can help us obtain a plea agreement or dismissal. These can include whether your rights were properly read to you and whether the officer followed correct search and seizure procedures.

Contact attorney Michael Perry online or call 941-365-4000 to schedule your free initial consultation with a Sarasota and Bradenton lawyer if you were charged with a Florida DUI while visiting the state.