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Bradenton DUI License Suspension Hearing Lawyer

An arrest for drunk driving (DUI) has significant consequences, even if you are ultimately found not guilty of the charge. Your license will be suspended automatically, and you will have only 10 days to request a hearing with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to fight the suspension. If we request a hearing, we will obtain a temporary business purpose only license from the DMV which will allow you to drive for business purposes only. If you do not request the hearing, you give up any right to challenge the suspension.

Do Not Try to Represent Yourself

Not only is it important to schedule this hearing immediately, it is also important to retain experienced legal counsel to represent you at this hearing. The process that is followed at these hearings is not straightforward, and it can move quickly. Retaining a lawyer with DMV hearing experience is the best way to protect yourself.

15 Years of Criminal Law Experience

At our Bradenton and Sarasota law offices, we advocate for clients whose licenses were suspended after a DUI arrest. At the law offices of MSPerryLaw, our attorneys have succeeded in resolving license issues for clients arrested for DUI. We also represent clients whose licenses were suspended after they refused a field sobriety test or breath test. We build on our founding lawyer's 20 years of criminal law experience to develop strong arguments for the restoration of your license.

How We Help

Once we have scheduled the hearing, we will obtain a temporary business license to drive pending the DMV's determination on your license suspense. At the hearing, we will raise issues that seek information that may be useful the criminal proceeding. For example, we can obtain testimony from the arresting officer, determine whether your rights were protected and investigate whether any actions by the officers involved in your case were improper. The DMV hearing officer considers factors such as these when determining whether to set aside or uphold your suspension.

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