Sarasota Lawyer for Repeat DUI Offender

Bradenton Attorney for Multiple DUIs

If you have received a second or third drunk driving (DUI) conviction in Florida, you already know how harsh the penalties can be. At the law offices of MSPerryLaw, our goal is to prevent clients from becoming repeat DUI offenders. We work hard to reduce the penalties, the lengthy license suspensions, long-term probation and jail time that come with a second or third offense. In addition to these penalties, a subsequent DUI conviction makes it more difficult to obtain a hardship license that allows you to drive to work or school.

Nonlegal Consequences of Multiple DUI Convictions

There are other, less-easily quantifiable consequences to multiple DUI convictions. Many people believe that one drunk driving conviction could be the result of carelessness or a youthful mistake. These same people often believe that multiple DUIs are quite different and evidence of bad judgment, and a lack of reliability and trustworthiness. As a result, individuals with multiple DUI convictions face job loss, strained relationships and a clouded future.

How We Help

Our goal is to get the charge dismissed or reduced to reckless driving if at all possible, so that a conviction will not count against you if you receive another DUI. We review the evidence against you to determine whether the police officers followed the correct procedures for the traffic stop and the field sobriety test. We make sure that your rights were read to you correctly. We determine whether or not the breath test machine, the Breathalyzer, was calibrated correctly.

We do this in order to identify areas of weakness in the prosecution's case against you. As a former prosecutor, attorney Michael S. Perry knows where to look to find holes in the evidence. This gives us the ammunition we need to negotiate with the prosecutor and/or judge in search of the best outcome possible for your case.

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