Bradenton Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

Sarasota Tax Evasion Charge Attorney

If you face charges of tax fraud or evasion, it is important to have a defense lawyer who knows federal court guidelines and procedures. At the southwest Florida law offices of MSPerryLaw, our founding attorney has handled numerous federal cases in his 20 years of practicing criminal law. In fact, he was formerly a federal prosecutor and knows the procedures of federal court thoroughly.

We Know the Process, the Guidelines and the Rules of Evidence

We advise clients about the penalties they may be facing. Federal sentencing guidelines are less flexible than those in Florida courts, making it doubly important to have an attorney with this type of specific knowledge. The rules governing prosecution of federal crimes are complex, and the penalties vary depending on factors such as the amount of taxes involved, and prior state and federal criminal convictions.

Federal crimes such as income tax fraud are usually thoroughly investigated. Individuals facing tax charges in federal courts may find themselves up against stronger evidence. They will also find that the process moves more quickly than it does in federal court. Michael Perry will investigate the case and evaluate the evidence against you thoroughly. Depending on the circumstances, he will argue for:

  • Plea agreement
  • Dismissal of the charges
  • Probation
  • Restitution

Defense Strategies in Tax Cases

We will develop a defense strategy that fits your circumstances. Our defenses have included arguments that our client lacked knowledge about the alleged fraud, or that the client truly believed that filing taxes was not required in his/her case and the failure to file was not willful.

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