Sarasota Embezzlement Defense Attorney

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Many embezzlement cases are brought in federal court. They are prosecuted aggressively by the government's lawyers. If you are charged with embezzlement or another federal white collar crime, it is important to have a lawyer with the same knowledge as the prosecution's lawyers. The founding attorney at our southwest Florida law firm, Michael S. Perry, is a former federal prosecutor. He understands the procedures used in federal court and the sentencing guidelines employed by federal judges.

Penalties for Embezzlement

An embezzlement conviction carries with it the possibility of significant prison time, fines, restitution, and loss of professional licenses or the ability to be bonded. Like other federal theft crimes, the greater the amount of money stolen, the harsher the penalties. A person in a fiduciary relationship, such as a corporate treasurer or bank employee, may face enhanced penalties as well. Individuals convicted of federal embezzlement have received sentences as harsh as 30 years in prison. The stakes are high.

Leveling the Playing Field for Clients

Because of its vast resources, the federal government is able to investigate embezzlement cases thoroughly. When you have a former federal prosecutor on your side, you are leveling the playing field and giving yourself a better chance of prevailing. Our lawyers seek to have charges dismissed or reduced in order to minimize our clients' exposure to harsh penalties. We negotiate with the prosecution and seek alternative penalties so that a convicted client faces minimal prison time.

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