Sarasota Lawyer for Federal Benefit Crimes

Bradenton Government Fraud Attorney

Like other federal crimes, the penalties for fraudulently obtaining federal benefits depend on the value of the benefits. In some cases, a conviction can mean significant prison time. This makes it imperative to have a defense lawyer experienced with the rules and procedures in use in federal court.

Former Federal Prosecutor Now Defending Clients Against Benefits Fraud Charges

At the law offices of MSPerryLaw, our founding attorney is a former federal prosecutor who possesses in-depth knowledge of federal courts. Michael S. Perry builds on that experience to develop strong defense strategies for individuals and businesses facing charges of fraudulently obtaining federal benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid, welfare fraud or workers' compensation.

Our southwest Florida firm handles cases involving billing fraud, billing for unneeded services, upcoding, kickbacks, fraudulent benefit claims and other matters involving federal benefits. We defend people who were accused of committing intentional fraud as well as people who said nothing when they wrongly received federal benefits.

Investigating Your Case

A lengthy investigation is usually required in order to bring charges of benefit fraud. Individuals and organizations that believe they are being investigated should contact our federal defense lawyer immediately to begin protecting themselves. We may be able to halt or postpone development of the case against them.

We seek dismissals or reductions of charges to limit our clients' exposure to prison time and other serious consequences. We conduct our own investigations to determine whether the situation that led to the charges could have been the result of clerical errors, lack of employee training or supervision, or errors by the government. The results of investigations such as these has allowed us to prevail in cases alleging fraudulent receipt of federal benefits.

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