Mortgage Fraud

Florida False Appraisal Lawyer

If you are under investigation for mortgage fraud you could be facing both state and federal felony charges. A conviction can leave you with steep fines, a jail or prison sentence, and a shattered reputation and career.

At the law office of MSPerryLaw, we defend clients throughout Sarasota and Southwest Florida who are under investigation for or have been charged with mortgage fraud. We have more than 20 years of experience. Attorney Michael Perry has experience prosecuting cases in federal court with the U.S. attorney's office in Las Vegas.

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We defend clients who are facing mortgage fraud charges for:

  • Artificially inflating appraisals
  • Using straw men to buy homes
  • Falsifying information on a loan application, such as lying about income or assets
  • Fraudulently buying property at a lower price and then arranging a simultaneous sale to another buyer at a higher price
  • Knowingly providing false information to a buyer in order to get him or her to purchase a property
  • Knowingly failing to disclose information about the property

Uncovering the Facts

Mortgage fraud can involve several different parties all working together to make a profit. For example, an appraiser may value the property at a higher price so the lender can seek a higher mortgage loan. The real estate agent may then provide false information about interest rates or the value of the property so that he or she takes a bigger cut when a buyer closes on the home.

That said, we understand that sometimes a person is truly an innocent victim in a larger mortgage fraud scheme. Our clients may not even know that they committed mortgage fraud or were part of a scheme until contacted by the authorities. We respond to mortgage fraud cases with a thorough analysis of the situation. We question the prosecution's assertion of "intent" and respond to other claims assertively and in a way appropriate to the facts of the case.

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