Bond Hearings

Southwest Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

When people are charged with crimes, one of the first things that gets determined is bond (often referred to as bail). Bond is a sum of money that must be paid in exchange for a person's release from custody. Unfortunately, bonds are often set at extraordinarily high rates, and few people are able to afford them.

If you are in jail and wondering what you should do when you cannot afford the bond, do not worry. At the law office of MSPerryLaw, we help clients throughout Sarasota, Bradenton and southwest Florida get out of jail on a reasonable bond. Contact our firm online or call 941-365-4000 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Understanding the Bond Hearing Process

If you were arrested and incarcerated, your first concern is probably getting out of jail. Having a lawyer experienced with bond hearings will ease some of your stress. Attorney Michael S. Perry will try to compel the judge to reduce a high bond or to release you on your own your recognizance. He can also gather testimony that will demonstrate the unlikelihood of you fleeing the state. In an effort to avoid posting a high bond, we might instead suggest supervised release.

You are entitled to a reasonable bond, and we can help you receive one. We make a determination of the amount of money you have available to post a bond based on your monetary ability, assets and other financial resources available.

Our goal is to get you out of jail, so we can prepare a strong criminal defense while you are living your life and not behind bars. Schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer by contacting our firm online or by calling 941-365-4000.