Get Zealous Representation From Skilled Robbery Defense Lawyers

Florida law defines robbery as any theft offense involving the use of threats or force. As a felony charge, robbery can result in severe penalties, including lengthy imprisonment. It also often carries a negative association as a violent offense. This makes it a particularly serious type of property crime.

Dealing with robbery charges requires a great deal of skill and resourcefulness. At MSPerryLaw, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our legal team includes two former prosecutors who now defend the rights of the accused. The skills we gained prosecuting these cases give us a leg up in developing effective defenses.

You can turn to us for zealous representation in any kind of robbery case, including:

  • Mugging
  • Pickpocketing (or "robbery by snatching")
  • Purse snatching
  • Carjacking
  • Home invasions
  • Bank robbery

We also handle high-stakes armed robbery cases involving the use of guns, knives or other deadly weapons, which can result in especially severe consequences.

Covering All The Bases For Building A Strong Defense

Our approach to robbery cases involves examining all the evidence to identify strengths in your favor or weaknesses in the state's story. If there are legal grounds for challenging the evidence, you can count on us to find them.

We are quick to pinpoint ways of leveraging the prosecution to achieve a fair deal if negotiation is a good option. Otherwise, we are always prepared to go to fight the charges in court if needed, and you can count on our attorneys' proven experience handling hundreds of trials.

For more information and advice about your case, contact our robbery defense lawyers in Sarasota, Florida, at 941-365-4000 or 1-800-FIGHT-IT
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