Sex Crime Defense Lawyers Who Understand The Challenges Of Sex Crime Cases

Of all crimes, sex offenses carry a particularly heinous image in the public eye. These cases often require a different strategy than run-of-the-mill theft crimes or drug offenses. Challenging the charges can be an uphill battle — one you should not face alone and unequipped.

Arm yourself with the information you need to make wise decisions. Fine-tune your approach toward challenging the charges. Exercise your rights and hold the government to its high burden of proof. At MSPerryLaw in Sarasota, Florida, we can help you do this and more.

Our sex crime defense lawyers share a fundamental commitment to protecting your constitutional rights — including your right to a robust defense. We will work hard to minimize the impact of the charges on your life. Whether that means negotiating a good plea deal or fighting the accusations at trial, you can feel confident knowing that we will not let any opportunity go to waste.

The Advantage Of Hiring Former Prosecutors

Florida law establishes numerous types of sex offenses ranging from sexual battery (rape) to prostitution, Internet sex crimes, statutory rape and more. For each charge, the prosecutor must demonstrate that the evidence fits each of the statutory elements of the crime — beyond a reasonable doubt.

Because our criminal sexual conduct defense team includes not just one, but two former prosecutors, we bring a valuable perspective to our defense work. We know what tactics the other side will likely use. By anticipating and countering the prosecution's approach, we will shield you from being blindsided. You can expect to receive honest, upfront guidance about what to expect.

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