Federal Crime Defense Lawyers | Uniquely Qualified To Handle Tough Cases

The federal government has extensive resources at its disposal for enforcing laws. When it comes to federal charges, you are up against a powerful opponent.

Federal court is not the same as Florida state courts. The laws, procedural rules and sentencing guidelines are all different. Not every defense attorney has the experience and knowledge it takes to handle federal crimes. At MSPerryLaw, we do.

Benefit From Our Inside Experience Prosecuting Federal Charges

Our legal team includes skilled defense attorneys with decades of collective experience. Two of our lawyers are also former prosecutors. In fact, our founding attorney previously worked in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Las Vegas, gaining valuable experience prosecuting a wide range of cases. He now applies those skills to defend people facing federal charges.

No case is too challenging for us. We are well-equipped to protect your interests in any type of federal case, including:

  • Tax crimes such as income tax evasion and tax fraud
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement, racketeering and bank fraud
  • Federal benefit crimes such as Medicare/Medicaid, workers' compensation and Social Security fraud
  • Gun crimes such as illegal trafficking in firearms
  • Federal drug crimes such as conspiracy and trafficking

We understand the immense impact these charges can have on your life. As a well-established, reputable defense firm, we have helped numerous clients overcome serious charges. You can rely on us to go out of our way in helping you, too.

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