Drug Crime Defense Attorneys With Decades Of Well-Rounded Experience

Florida takes a strong stance against drug crimes. A conviction for a drug offense could land you in jail and cost you a fortune. You could also end up losing any property connected to the crime — such as your car, money or even your home — through a process called civil forfeiture.

At MSPerryLaw, our goal is to help you minimize or avoid these harsh consequences. Our drug crime defense attorneys maintain good working relationships with the prosecutors and court personnel throughout the Sarasota area. In fact, two of our lawyers are former prosecutors. We use this well-rounded experience to our clients' advantage.

In your case, we will examine every possible basis for a solid defense, analyzing issues such as:

  • Were the traffic stop, search and seizure legal?
  • Did the state maintain a proper chain of custody for the evidence?
  • Were the police legally justified in relying on a confidential informant?
  • Did the police violate your Fourth Amendment rights?

Our decades of criminal defense experience give us the necessary foundation to identify factors in your favor.

How We Will Approach Your Case

There are many ways to run afoul of state or federal drug regulations. Our firm handles all types of drug charges, from simple possession to drug trafficking and complex federal drug crimes.

As a local firm with longstanding roots in the area, we maintain a valuable network of connections with other professionals. We routinely work with trusted expert witnesses to challenge the state's evidence when needed. We also have the resources to conduct a thorough investigation, making sure that no favorable evidence gets overlooked.

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