Sarasota DUID Defense Attorney

Sometimes people are in the wrong place at the wrong time — and you may find yourself facing criminal charges. If you retain a lawyer who is very experienced and knowledgeable, you can feel comfortable and confident that your liberty and rights will be upheld.

At MSPerryLaw, we defend individuals facing criminal drug charges and drug DUI charges in Sarasota and Bradenton counties, Florida, and the surrounding areas. With experience totaling more than 20 years, our Sarasota DUID defense lawyers know how to question evidence, law enforcement procedures, and will fight for your rights.

Many officers in the southern Florida area are not Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), and they may not have the experience to properly determine if someone is under the influence of narcotics or prescription drugs. Due to the officers' lack of expertise, our firm may be able to challenge your DUID. It is a smart idea to contact an attorney who is very experienced and can work to have your case dismissed or negotiate a deal on your behalf.

As a former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer, Michael Perry knows the criminal system very well on both sides. Also, attorney Dana Moss is a former police officer — so her knowledge, experience and understanding of law enforcement are thorough and extensive.

Experience from both the prosecution and law enforcement side of the criminal system allows our attorneys to provide the strongest defense and achieve the most favorable outcome, which may include a dismissal or reduced charge of reckless driving.

Minimizing Drug DUI Misdemeanor Charges

Most of the time, jail time can be avoided for first-time offenders. If convicted of a drug DUI charge, your sentence will typically include community service hours, a fine, DUI classes, a driver's license suspension and impoundment of your vehicle.

Just because you have drugs in your system does not mean that you were driving impaired. When you retain our firm, we will investigate the procedures used to gather evidence in your case. We thoroughly review evidence like:

  • Reason for the traffic stop
  • Driving patterns prior to being pulled over
  • Observations after personal contact by law enforcement
  • Performance on field sobriety exercises
  • Urine test results

Facing a Drug DUI Charge Involving Driving Under the Influence of Drugs? Contact a Bradenton, Florida, Defense Lawyer.

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